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Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) tutorial-C#
By Big | Nov 29, 2014 | In Tutorials | Update: Nov 30, 2014 | Total Views [ 2019 ]
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This tutorial explains basic concepts about Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS). OOP is a leading technique being used by most of the programmer now a day to build an application. In this tutorial you will learn different concepts like inteface, abstraction, polymorphism and many more.


Usually people start learning programming by writing simple and small programs. They usually write all logics at one place which cause multiple problems like duplicacy, redundancy, maintenance etc. There are so many known technique to overcome this problem but the most powerful technique which helped in making programmer's life easy is Object Oriented approach. In this tutorial you will learn different aspects of this technique.

Structured, Unstructured and Modular programming

Before understanding what is mean by Object Oriented Programming (OOP), it is important to know about the other techniques came in past. Intially when there was Unstructure Programming technique, everything was in same page. There was tremendous disadvantages once the program gets sufficiently large. Let suppose, if a statement needs at two place within same program, it must be copied.To over come this situation a new technique came into picture and it was called Structured Programming or Procedure Oriented Programming (POP). In this technique program was divided into separate functions which was easier to manage and re-use as compared to unstructured approach. But this technique was also not so supportive as still every thing was at same place. Then Modular programming came into light and common functionalities was grouped into modules. But this came as a problem because there can be only one state per module so each module exists at most once in a program. Please click on the link to read more about these approaches.

What does Object Oriented Programming (OOP) mean?

Object Oriented approach came as a revolution and helped making programmer's life easier. It gained so much popularity due to some reasons.

  • Increased programmer productivity
  • Removed redundancy of code
  • Easy code maintenance
  • Reusability of code

The main idea behind this approach is to combine both data and function into single unit so that it should overcome modular programming problem. This unit is called Object. OOPS is total about managing objects. In the next part of this tutorial we will see more about objects and blue print which is known as class.

Class and Object in C# >>

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