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Working with dictionary in c#
By Rahul Kumar Jha | Oct 14, 2015 | In Articles | Total Views [ 2864 ]
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In this article you will see how can we get key and values from a dictionary object in C#.


Getting keys and values from dictionary is easy task. You can get it with the help of KeyValuePair object or from simple collection. I will explain this in below example. In the example, I have created a dictionary which has integer key with list of string collection as value. Let's see step by step.

Example Code

Declare a dictionary with key of integer type and value of list type of string  Dictionary<int, List<string>>()


//Dictionary item
Dictionary<int, List<string>> dictionary = new Dictionary<int, List<string>>{
{1,new List<string>{"Dee", "X", "23"}},
{2,new List<string>{"Joe", "X", "24"}}

Getting values by key

void GetDictionaryValue()
//To fetch values on the basis of key
foreach (int key in dictionary.Keys)
var details = dictionary[key];
Console.WriteLine("Details are: {Name=" + details[0] + ", Class=" + details[1] + ", Roll Number=" + details[2]);

Getting key and values from dictionary

void GetKeyAndValueFromDict()
//To fetch keys and values from dictionary
foreach (KeyValuePair<int, List<string>> item in dictionary)
var key = item.Key;
var value = item.Value;
Console.WriteLine("Details are: {Name=" + value[0] + ", Class=" + value[1] + ", Roll Number=" + value[2]);

Hope this helps you.

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